Application Instructions


1. Start by washing your hands.

2. Then, use the cuticle pusher to delicately push back the cuticles from off the nail plate.,

3. Use the mini file to shape your nail tips to your desired length focusing on the sides, being sure to file them inward enough to hide under the Press-on Nail Tip.

4. Lastly, clean your nails using the alcohol pad and let dry. 

Nail Adhesive Tabs: Apply the nail tabs to your nails. Peel off the protective film and apply the Press-on Nail Tip on top of your natural nail with a little pressure.

Nail Glue: Apply one drop of nail glue to your natural nail, making sure you don't use too much glue. Place the Press-on Nail Tip on top of your natural nail and apply pressure for 10 seconds. For a longer hold, apply one drop of nail glue on both the natural nail and the underside of the Press-on Nail Tip. Being careful not to use too much glue. Place the Press-on Nail Tip on top of your natural nail and apply pressure for 20 seconds.

Use a nail clipper or the mini file provided if you'd like to shorten the length or reshape the Press-on Nail Tip.

Average application time is only 5-10 minutes! Stay Glam!!